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Your Customized

Spa Experience

"Quality spa therapy by student interns at affordable pricing"

The Spa therapies you will receive at Tranquil Waters are designed to DETOX, BUILD, and
BALANCE your whole being: body-mind-spirit. From the choice of aromatherapy oils, mixture of
bath salts, or preferred modalities, the Tranquil Waters experience is carefully selected for your
ultimate well being.

Select among the numerous restorative treatments that include our Signature, Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, the Total Health Package or the popular Younger You Package.  Experience the personalized Total Health Package. Whichever way you begin, know that your
experience has been personally tailored for your health and satisfaction. So why not step into our
Tranquil Waters...

Tranquil Waters Spa 

Sponsored by
Phoenix School of Massage


6600 Harwin Suite 101

Houston, Texas 77036

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