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Spa Packages


Total Health Package

Younger You Package

Ultimate Body


(Coming Soon)

The spa therapies you receive at Tranquil Waters are customized for your own constitutional health needs. They are specifically designed to DETOX, BUILD, BALANCE, and RELIEVE your mind, body and spirit for optimal health.

You will first DETOX in our special Far Infrared Sauna. Then BUILD with a holistic massage based on the 8-Principal Assessment. Finally, BALANCE with a Shiatsu treatment geared to move vital meridians. This is followed by Acupressure to balance the chi. All in all, RELIEF is at hand!

2 Hours | $120

Regress to a simpler time with our Younger You Spa Package. A younger looking appearance can increase self-esteem and the amount of cheers you get!


Your Spa Package includes:

60-minute Aromatherapy Massage

40-minute Shiatsu Treatment

20-minute Face Lift

2 Hours | $120

The weight loss sauna helps expel toxins and increases metabolism. Hot Stone Reflexology enlivens the whole body by contacting all reflex areas.


The Aromatherapy Massage builds energy. Follow up with a rejuvenating facial & light lunch. You'll be set for your night on the town!

4 Hours | $195

Coming Soon

Deep Meditation

(Coming Soon)

Our sauna is transformed into a personal "Indian Sweat Lodge." With hot stone therapy, the energy from the Basalt stones placed on the chakras and used for warm pressure strokes, both ground and center you. The essential oil combination, "Sacred Mountain", in the Aromatherapy Massage balances the energy centers. As warm sesame oil flows over the brow in Shirodhara, you may just reach a high meditative state. Go in peace my sisters & brothers.

3 Hours | $195

Coming Soon
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Essential Body Contour

(Coming Soon)

This package helps improve the body contour by removing impurities and reducing cellulite. Our infrared sauna is proven to burn calories while detoxifying tissues. An herbal body wrap targets the fatty areas. This is followed up by a cellulite massage. Feel light and buoyant on your way home!

3 Hours 30 Min | $250

Coming Soon
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