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Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage
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Deep Tissue Massage

Holistic Massage

cbd Massage

An hour long massage targeting specific problem areas with moderate to deep pressure. Great for athletes and physically active people.

1 Hour | $50

Our signature massage tailored for your particular constitution. Promotes ultimate physical well being.

1 Hour | $35

CBD is known for support in it’s role of reducing inflammation and decreasing pain signaling to the brain. CBD is absorbed thru the skin and combines to the body’s own CBD-2 receptor sites. Arnica and Hops are added to relieve muscle tightness. Total balance thru Nature!

1 Hour | $50


Acupressure / Shiatsu

Japanese for "finger pressure", this hour-long treatment works on the meridians, or "energy points", in the body. You will leave feeling refreshed due to the Life Force flowing freely throughout your body.

1 Hour | $50


Sports Massage

What is needed for pre- and post- events. Specific Swedish techniques along with trigger point plus acupressure for pain relief and improved muscular function.

1 Hour | $50



(Coming Soon)

The art of working reflex zones in the hands, ears, and feet causing symbiotic release through the entire body.

1 Hour | $50

Coming Soon

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage

Relax like a baby as tension melts out of the scalp and head. The essential oils bring insights of bliss.

30 Min | $30


Aromatherapy Massage

A holistic massage with an aromatic twist. Choose between Uplifting, Tranquil, Meditation, or Sedating aromatherapeutic blends to complete your journey to well being.

1 Hour | $50


Acupressure Face Lift

Move chi and blood to the face for a tonifying lift. Tingling and uplifting.

30 Min | $30

Stone massage.jpg

Sacred Stone Massage

(Coming Soon)

Feel warm basalt stones placed on your energy centers, or charkas. Then warm stones are used as massage tools throughout your massage. The heat from the stones penetrates your muscles providing a deeper massage with less pressure, producing dramatic stress relieving results.

1 Hour | $75

Coming Soon
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